R' Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno - Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847)

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27.7.2020 в 10:30 до полудня

I'm the 3rd great-grandson of Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847) and I'm looking for corroboration about her parents. I've found many entries for her in JRI-Poland records, mostly the births and marriages of her nine children, but only one includes her maiden name Brodowicz. Otherwise, I haven't found any documentation that indicates the names of her father and mother.

There are more that 2 dozen family trees that include Slawa in various genealogy sites. Most indicate her father was Benyamin Broda (spelled variously) 1745-1818 and her mother was Rachel Mayer b. 1760. None offer any documentary evidence, except for the link to the digitized version of Mishpahat Broda referenced there. I can't read Hebrew beyond sounding out words but have scanned pages related to Binyamin and haven't recognized any reference to a רחל. This is still the closest I've come to finding any record that would establish the names of Slawa's parents.

Other trees report that Slawa's father was Ick (Icko or Isaac) Brodowicz (1775-1840). JRI-Poland includes a record for Ick's death in 1840 in Wiżajny, Suwalki, where Slawa lived. Ick's parents were Abram and Hydyna. I've been in touch with the owner of one of these trees who turns out to be a 4th cousin, another 3rd great-grandson of Slawa. He says his sources include a contact at the Sulwak-Lomza SIG who personally researched the Polish records. I haven't seen copies of any documents but I'll credit what he reports until I have reason to think otherwise.

Those trees that show Ick Brodowicz as Slawa's father don't identify anyone as the mother. Therein lies the crux of my question. The Benyamin/Rachel and Ick/ ?? parent options have very different consequences in researching this branch of the family tree. Rachel Mayer, in particular, is a gateway to a long chain of generations.

At this point, I'm just collecting information, looking for evidence for one narrative or the other. I am reasonably sure that both versions refer to the same Slawa Brodowicz, based on dates, names of her husband and children. I am also confident that I'm descended from Slawa from her daughter Rywka (Ryfka) to her daughter Ella to my grandmother Sadye.

I work primarily on Ancestry where the most current version of my tree is. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/101160485/person/2... I have an older tree (but no account) on MyHeritage. And I recently uploaded a GEDCOM files to Geni, which I am still sorting out.

If you are familiar with this record and can offer any pointers that will help resolve these questions, I'd appreciate the help.


Lee Jaffe

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27.7.2020 в 5:44 после полудня

Lee David Jaffe I doubt Braude and Brodowicz are one and the same.
Have a look at this profile ICKO brodowicz and what's written in the overview, it may help you.

28.7.2020 в 9:08 до полудня

Perhaps @Michael Braverman and @Mel Werbach could kindly opine

28.7.2020 в 9:24 до полудня


Lee and I are currently working together to attempt to solve this mystery.

I would be pleasantly surprised if the Rachel Mayer connection proves accurate.

Mel Werbach

28.7.2020 в 10:31 до полудня

Thanks a lot Mel!! 👍

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28.7.2020 в 11:45 до полудня

R' Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno had only two wives. Rachel Mayer has to be merged with one other one, or disconnected. What's the source for her name?

28.7.2020 в 3:21 после полудня


1) I don't think anyone is suggesting that Braude and Brodowicz could be the same.

2) The note at the link provided comes from Mel Werbach, the 4th cousin I mentioned.

3) Mel's note brings up some interesting issues which I don't think we'll resolve without additional evidence. These essentially center around JRI-Poland records which refer to Slawa's maiden name.

a) birth of daughter Basia ... "Slawa Brodowicz"
b) birth of son Lejzer ... "Hanna Ickowicz"
c) marriage of son Jochyel ... "Slawa Brejd"

Mel addresses the entry Hanna as a translation error. I think it may refer to the father's mother, whose name we believe is Chana.

Note: The entry for Ick Brodowicz linked here does NOT include Slawa as one of his children.

4) This Benjamin Braude link (here) does include Slawa as a child. And a wife, Rachel, daughter of Nathan William Mayer (thus Rachel Mayer).

I don't know where the link to Rachel Mayer comes from. It was introduced to me through Ancestry "Potential Mother" prompt. There are at least 10 trees in Ancestry and Geni and elsewhere that record Benjamin Broude / Rachel Mayer as Slawa's parents. The Geni entry above is the only place I've seen any reference to documentation – Mishpahat Broda – but haven't seen the entry that would confirm or dismiss either version.

28.7.2020 в 3:52 после полудня

I've gone ahead and merged the duplicates. I have left some tree conflicts as there are some questions about parentage.


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28.7.2020 в 4:42 после полудня


I'm not sure those were duplicates. I think it's best to unmerge and split Rachel Mayer with daughter Slawa from Braude tree, or leave them there for the moment until this issue is ironed out. Personally I think, if Slawa was a Brodowicz, and all are in agreement that Braude and Brodowicz aren't one and the same, the records give a different father, I can't see any reason to keep her on the Braude tree, if anything, she should be moved for the time being at least as a daughter of Icko. Rachel Mayer can also be (unmerged and) disconnected perhaps, we're yet to see any evidence of her belonging where she is.

вчера в 9:07 до полудня

Private User,

I've undone some merges and am going to leave it as it is currently displayed.


вчера в 1:20 после полудня

As of 7-29-20, I've discovered Benjamin Broide is no longer linked to Slawa Brodowicz (father/daughter). Slawa is now shown to be the daughter of Benjamin's brother Sender.

Maybe this discussion should be attached to Slawa's record.

вчера в 6:37 после полудня

Lee David Jaffe,

I can't move her back as there someone had mistakenly merged Benjamin with his brother Sender.

I undid that merge and left her attached to Sender.

If you can tell me her father's name from the records, then I will be able to place her with the correct father.


вчера в 6:55 после полудня

According to pre-merger connections, Rachel Mayer was Sender's wife, not Benjamin 's: https://www.geni.com/merge/view?revision_id=76277117580

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